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  • If your child is serious about maximizing his or her scores, spending time with Chyten is an absolute must!
  • Sam got into DREXEL's Honors Program ‚Äď Five Year Master's ‚Äď
    with an $85,000 academic scholarship attached! We couldn't have done this without CHYTEN.
  • Mike got an 800 on the math! Stanford is still a stretch, but MIT seems assured!
  • Our daughter got a 720 in reading, 700 in Writing and 610 in Math. Her overall score of 2030.
    Which brings her up 450 points from where she started when she came to Chyten.
  • My son Eric got a B in Algebra after staring at an F before CHYTEN.
  • I am happy to report that Rick earned a 94 in Algebra for the first marking period ‚Äď
    from the low-80s before CHYTEN. He currently has a 100 average for the second marking period.



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Chyten's purpose is not only to impart lessons and strategies, but to inspire and motivate students for a lifetime of achievement. Whether helping students prepare for a test or to read, write or speak more effectively, Chyten tutors impart life-changing lessons that help students earn better grades, higher test scores and admission into better colleges. The lessons we provide don't stop when students get into college; they last a lifetime. Chyten also provides families with free counseling to help them make all the right decisions at all the right times. 

Chyten has been providing premier educational services to families in Lexington, Arlington,Winchester, Bedford, Burlington, Cambridge, Belmont, Waltham, Concord, Lincoln, and other local towns since 1984. Today, tomorrow, next week or next year--when you need us we are just a phone call away.  Call 781-541-6279 today.     

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