• Welcome to Chyten

  • Who ls The NEXT
    [+] Teach a student to memorize and he'll ace a test. Teach a student to learn and he'll change the world. Inspirational lessons from Chyten tutors give students
    the skills and motivation to become the next anything.
  • Your Child UNLIMITED
    [+] Within your child is an undiscovered country, an unfinished symphony, a sleeping giant. Chyten seeks out, identifies and nurtures the gifts within each child with praise, encouragement, and expert guidance. Because when your child sees a winner in the mirror, success becomes the only acceptable goal.

  • Dream HIGHER
    [+] No student should be able to find his limit, but every student should be encouraged to search for it. Chyten’s instructors have inspired the natural curiosity of thousands, encouraging a passion for learning, fueling outstanding accomplishments.
  • If your child is serious about maximizing his or her scores, spending time with Chyten is an absolute must!
  • Sam got into DREXEL's Honors Program – Five Year Master's –
    with an $85,000 academic scholarship attached! We couldn't have done this without CHYTEN.
  • Mike got an 800 on the math! Stanford is still a stretch, but MIT seems assured!
  • Our daughter got a 720 in reading, 700 in Writing and 610 in Math. Her overall score of 2030.
    Which brings her up 450 points from where she started when she came to Chyten.
  • My son Eric got a B in Algebra after staring at an F before CHYTEN.
  • I am happy to report that Rick earned a 94 in Algebra for the first marking period –
    from the low-80s before CHYTEN. He currently has a 100 average for the second marking period.


Dear Parent,

The end of the school year is near, the summer is almost here and at Chyten Premier Tutoring and Test Preparation of Lexington we feature an entire summer's worth of learning programs for students.  To enroll in any of our classes or private tutoring or for more information, please call 781-541-6279 or click here and fill out our brief “contact us” form. We will reply the same day or the next business day for after-hours inquiries.     

At Chyten, we not only help students earn higher test scores and grades, we provide them with the essential tools and motivation they need to succeed well beyond their school years. Graduates of our programs have been accepted at virtually every top college in the country, have earned millions of dollars in merit-based scholarships, and have gone on to enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers. Without question, the lessons learned at Chyten last a lifetime.

  • The most innovative curriculum in the U.S.
  • Learning-purposed centers create a superior, distraction-free environment for learning
  • Proprietary learning and test-taking strategies
  • No contracts required
  • No large upfront payments - pay as you go
  • No long-term commitments
  • Tutor/Teacher notes follow every session
  • All tutors have Master’s degrees or PhDs, and teaching experience
  • Customized tutor matching with a tutor-match guarantee. If you don't agree, the first hour is free 

Please call or stop by our center at 1723 Massachusetts Avenue. Lexington Center to discuss your child's unique situation and how Chyten can help. However you begin your relationship with Chyten, I will make sure that the entire experience is both memorable and productive. I will never lose sight of the fact that you have placed your trust in us, and will always strive to live up to that trust. Thank you for allowing Chyten be your family’s guide to tomorrow. 


Neil R. Chyten