• If your child is serious about maximizing his or her scores, spending time with Chyten is an absolute must!
  • Sam got into DREXEL's Honors Program – Five Year Master's –
    with an $85,000 academic scholarship attached! We couldn't have done this without CHYTEN.
  • Mike got an 800 on the math! Stanford is still a stretch, but MIT seems assured!
  • Our daughter got a 720 in reading, 700 in Writing and 610 in Math. Her overall score of 2030.
    Which brings her up 450 points from where she started when she came to Chyten.
  • My son Eric got a B in Algebra after staring at an F before CHYTEN.
  • I am happy to report that Rick earned a 94 in Algebra for the first marking period –
    from the low-80s before CHYTEN. He currently has a 100 average for the second marking period.


Dear Neighbors,

The 2014-2015 Academic year is done!

Now families can take a deep breath, celebrate successes, and enjoy some free time.

But there is one last thing to do and we can help. Chyten Millburn offers individual Summer Learning Plans. The plans are developed by our highly qualified staff:

  • Thorough analysis of the results of the academic year including final grades and teacher comments as well as grades on quizzes, tests, and projects.
  • Review of the 2015-2016 course schedule and summer requirements.
  • Determining if any standardized tests will be needed in the 2015/2016 school year.
  • Incorporating information about student’s individual learning strengths and weakness.

The Summer Learning Plan will address three areas:

  • Academic – For the coming year is there a need for pre-learning? For re-learning? For remediation?
  • Foundations – Use the slower pace of summer to improve reading, writing, scientific/conceptual and math skills. Increase fluency with words and numbers.
  • Executive Functioning/Self-regulation – Discover and understand how your student learns. Use this summer’s down time to practice study techniques that exploit strengths and develop strategies to address weaknesses.

Rising Juniors (the Class of 2017) and rising Seniors (the Class of 2016) have additional considerations. Chyten Millburn’s “Family Meeting” is an additional part to the Summer Learning Plan. The comprehensive agenda focuses on the college admission process from testing, to college visits, to application essays, to interviews and to scholarship opportunities. We’ll help your family get ahead of the game by developing a time line that fits together the many puzzle pieces of the academic year and the college application process.  

Considering applying to private middle and high schools for the 2016-2017 academic year? The Summer Learning plan will include the testing and application process required by most schools in our area.

With a wide range of resources from classes to small groups to private tutoring, all available “on demand,” the experienced Chyten Millburn team is ready to work with your family.

Chyten Premier Tutoring and Test Preparation of Millburn proudly serves the students of Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, West Orange, Maplewood, South Orange, Summit, Chatham, Florham Park, Madison and other neighboring communities. Let us work together to place your child on the path to academic excellence and achievement. Call me and, together, let’s discuss how we can address your child’s unique challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.  


Maureen McGovern, Owner
Chyten Premier Tutors and Test Preparation
Millburn, NJ