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With over 1000 perfect test scores and counting
and an additional 1,000+ students in the 95th-99th percentile,
the results speak loud and clear.
online review
I can't say enough about this company. My child was treated with kindness and respect and has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge because of our affiliation with Chyten. I would recommend them to anyone looking to give their child an edge academically.
scores & results
“Thank you so very much!!! Rachael went up over 200 points with a perfect score in her writing essay. Your course not only had a great outcome, but she actually looked forward to the classes because she could appreciate the value. She went into the SAT confident that she would do well. Our sincerest thank you for your support, guidance, counseling and most importantly your patience.”
from the students
I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I received news that I got into Harvard early, which is where I will attend next year! Thank you for all the help, with both the SAT's and the college essays. I honestly have no idea where I would be without your wonderful teaching.”
the education industry
“The Chyten course helps focus their attention on the task at hand, improves preparation, and instills confidence – a needed attribute when one enters some foreboding test center with #2 pencils at the ready.”
Roxbury Latin School’s Director of College Admissions
client review
I appreciate the flexibility of your program and the instructor, as we often found it necessary schedule class at the last minute. My daughter has gained confidence and I hope that we are able to schedule another session prior to the testing date.
8/10 TERRI M Lexington
chyten tutor reviews
“10 years ago we first met - There have been lots of changes over the 10 years - such is the nature of all living things - I have enjoyed it all and I look forward to my 11th year of Chyten tutoring. Chyten offers a great service - and we have made a difference in many young people’s lives - thanks for creating and nurturing this organization.”
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