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    Pride, Profit and Prestige

Chyten School and Business Partnerships
Pride, Profit and Prestige


If you have ever considered forming a partnership with an educational services provider, here are some reasons to consider Chyten Premier Tutoring and Test Preparation:

Chyten only hires experienced, professional instructors who have earned at least a master’s degree. Further, each Chyten instructor is measured on five factors that predict and ensure effectiveness in the classroom. They are:

  • Pedagogical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Motivational Skills
  • Personality

Chyten offers flexible formats, days and times, giving parents options to meet their individual needs and goals. Group classes have the advantage of lower prices, while other formats such as private tutoring, semi-private tutoring and team tutoring offer higher degrees of individualization while maintaining fair and reasonable pricing.

Chyten is a responsible educational partner. Located right in the community, Chyten centers are visible, open and accessible to parents. In keeping with our good-neighbor policy, Chyten sponsors local activities that contribute to the rich fabric of each community we serve. Further, Chyten provides scholarship assistance for students whose circumstances would otherwise make it difficult for them to enroll.

Chyten provides schools with free practice tests and our proprietary Magnostic™ Diagnostic report. What is the Magnostic? It is a comprehensive report that identifies areas needing remediation, as well as bio-cognitive metrics such as effort, fatigue, timing and guessing tendency. The Magnostic is available for the ACT, SAT or our own ACT vs. SAT Comparison Test™.

We recognize that the decision to bring in an outside company to help your students with their test scores is not an easy one. However, Chyten hopes to make the decision of which company to choose as easy as possible. Let Chyten work with you to create a unique program that provides benefits your school and the community in which it resides.

Thank you for your time and for considering Chyten Premier Tutoring and Test Preparation as your educational partner.