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  • Employee Benefits Program

    High Quality Educational Solutions for your Employees

Flexible Educational Solution

On Site Classes

(Vacation Days, Vacation Weeks, Summer Vacations)

Chyten will bring tutors to your company's offices during vacation times to not only provide expert instruction but to help ease the burden of child coverage. During Specific vacation times Chyten tutors will provide class instruction and offer student supervision suring snack breaks and lunch breaks.

Employee Sponsored Programs

Show your employees that you have them and their families best interest in mind by partially or fully subsidizing Chyten's Premier Test Prep programs offered for both the SAT & ACT

Corporate Alliance

By Becoming an Alliance member your employee's will receive an exclusive 15% discount off all Chyten online & in center educational programs. Scholarships also available!

"I am pleased to provide the strongest possible recommendation of Chyten Educational Services to any business or school system considering bringing in a private test preparation or tutoring provider. For Westwood Public Schools, Chyten standards and a valuable asset to the community."

-John Antonucci, Superintendent, Westwood Public Schools


High School

  • SAT/ACT Comparison Test
  • SAT/ACT Test Preparation
  • Subject Test Preparation
  • AP Test Preparation
  • English as a Second Language
  • College Counseling

Middle School

  • ESTEEM Program
  • Effective Writers Workshop
  • Chyten Jumpstart Program
  • SSAT/ISEE Test Preparation
  • Independent School Admissions Counseling

Elementary School

  • Baseball Math
  • Emerging Authors
  • Shark Tank, Jr.
  • Broadcasting Basics
  • SSAT/ISEE Test Preparation

Why Should your Company Care About Your Employee’s Children’s Education?

Every day your employees worry about their children. From homework to tutoring to test preparation to college admission, these stresses reduce employee productivity, engagement and retention. At Chyten, we can help improve employee satisfaction by providing your employees with educational programs that bring opportunity and value to their families and to the life of your company. Together, we can make your company a better place to live and work.

Why Chyten?

At Chyten we offer high quality, affordable and flexible educational programs. Chyten hires only Masters degree level teachers, making each student’s educational experience a rich learning environment. With our on-site programs and our live, online learning platforms, the opportunity to succeed is just a click away or just down the hall.

Experience Matters

  • Over Thirty Years of Test Preparation and Tutoring
  • More Than 1,000 Perfect Standardized Test Scores from Chyten Students
  • 150 Harvard and MIT Professors Have Sent Their Own Children to Chyten