ACT & SAT Practice Tests

  • ACT & SAT Practice Tests

    Practice Makes Perfect.

Practice makes perfect, especially under real test conditions. Chyten students are provided with a full slate of practice tests all year round. Each test is administered in a real classroom under actual test conditions. This provides Chyten students with the opportunity to experience what it feels like to take a real test before actually taking a real test. Call 800-428-TEST to find out when tests are being offered in your area.

All Chyten actual conditions tests are followed with a report called the MagnosticTM which breaks down each student's test taking performance into more than 100 content areas and psychometric details.

Tests include:

Actual Conditions SAT with Chyten’s Magnostic Diagnostic
Actual Conditions ACT with Chyten’s Magnostic Diagnostic
Chyten's SAT vs ACT Comparison Test with Magnostic Diagnostic


2016 Programs Are Filling Fast.


Chyten has been creating personalized test prep programs for over 30 years. Using proven proprietary methodologies in all of our programs, we work with students to build skills, build success, and build brighter futures.

Small class size for optimal personalized instruction

Up to 30 hours of classroom learning plus practice tests

Proven proprietary strategies and exclusive program curriculum

Carefully designed practice guides include: Mastering the SAT, Mastering the ACT, Mastering the ISEE/SSAT

Complete, actual- conditions practice exams with detailed score reporting

Diverse learning methods taught by a specialized Chyten trained instructors