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About the SAT Test

The SAT has three scored components: 1: Reading + Writing & Language; 2: Math; and 3: The Essay.  Reading + Writing & Language and Math are each graded on a scale of 200 to 800. The SAT Essay receives a total score of 6–24, which represents the total of two readers grading three characteristics: Reading, Writing, and Analysis on a scale of 1-4. Personalized instruction is centered around Chyten’s proprietary manual, Mastering the SAT, that contains nearly 100 of Chyten’s proven strategies and more than 1000 practice questions in almost 800 pages of  content.

SAT READING – 52 Questions/65 Minutes

Chyten’s proprietary Zigzag Method has earned a reputation for excellence based on the sheer volume of Chyten students who have received perfect SAT Reading scores. The Zigzag Method turns SAT Reading into a series of highly structured and manageable tasks. Chyten students' SAT Reading scores more often than not far exceed expectation. Chyten students are taught to understand how SAT test-writers construct question-and-answer sets and how they create reading passage content designed to elicit a particular and predictable response from students. Once students understand this process, they can easily identify correct and incorrect answers on a test. 

SAT MATH – 57 Questions/80 Minutes

There are some who say that SAT Math is simply “math.” At Chyten, SAT Math is turned into a series of strategies that shorten response time and dramatically increase and improve performance. Covered on SAT Math is: arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, data collection and analysis, and advanced topics including trigonomtry and functions. Chyten strategies include: Down the Middle, Believe your Eyes, Substitution, Know the Scope, Logic Before Math, and many more.

SAT ESSAY – 50 Minutes

While the optional SAT Essay is not required by most colleges, it is welcomed by virtually every college in America. Why? Because every college places high value on a student’s writing skills. Chyten’s SAT Essay Method brings an orderly process to the task of evaluating a source text in a way that ensures high scores across all three scoring categories: Reading , Writing, and Analysis. Overall, the Essay is a 50-minute section. Using Chyten’s method, students spend the first 10 minutes planning their essay and the last 40 minutes following Chyten’s blueprint for success.

SAT WRITING & LANGUAGE 75 Questions/45 Minutes

The SAT Writing & Language Test is a grammar test, period. But rather than making grammar more complicated than it has to be, Chyten provides focused instruction on “SAT grammar” dramatically simplifying and streamlining the process to include only what is relevant to the test. Chyten refers to this process as “Grammar Simplification.” This allows Chyten students to quickly learn, recognize, and correct every single type of error found on the test.


SAT Prep Classes and SAT Practice Tests


Chyten has been creating effective SAT preparation programs since 1984. Using proven proprietary methodologies in all of our programs, we work with students to build SAT skills, SAT confidence, and above all, SAT scores.

Small SAT class size for optimal personalized instruction

Up to 30 hours of SAT classroom learning plus actual conditions SAT practice tests

Proven proprietary SAT strategies and exclusive SAT program curriculum

Course content includes: Mastering the SAT, practice SAT tests, real practice tests, the Magnostic Diagnostic and up to 30 hours of online SAT content

Complete in center "actual conditions" SAT tests with detailed score reporting

Diverse SAT Prep methods taught by Chyten certified instructors