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Chyten was founded in 1984 with a commitment to excellence and student success. Over our 30-year history we’ve helped more than 1,000 students achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT, and we’ve witnessed the acceptances of at least 2,000 Chyten students to Ivy League schools. Chyten ACT students have increased their scores by 6 points on average, and Chyten SAT students improve their scores by an average of 181 points.

We’re proud of these students’ accomplishments and the meaningful impact we’ve had on all of our students’ continued academic success.

Our expert tutors have partnered with thousands of students as they’ve worked hard to make gains in their college-entrance exam scores, whether that meant bringing up a math section score by a hundred points or practicing the skills they needed to write a successful SAT or ACT essay.

At Chyten, we’re committed to the uniqueness of each student’s individual journey to college. While best-practice methodology offers a solid starting point for test prep and college admission success, each student requires a customized approach to see the best results. Our tutors are thoroughly trained in Chyten’s proprietary strategies to help each student on their own path toward acceptance at a perfect-fit college or university that meets their learning style, academic interests, and personal qualities.

To achieve this, we write our own curriculum that takes into account years of data, student experiences and the latest proven industry standards for exemplary and unparalleled learning materials. We hire tutors with PhDs and master’s degrees, as well as strong skills in pedagogy and interpersonal skills for perfect tutor-student pairings. We also use an innovative communication platform, ParentNet, to track students’ progress and keep parents informed.

At Chyten, we’ve cultivated an environment for extraordinary achievement, and we’ve done this with the knowledge that “achievement” is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide the essential factors needed for growth: encouragement, challenge, advice, guidance, suggestions, and strategies, and we customize these to each student’s needs so that they’re empowered to reach and often exceed their own expectations.

In our 30-year tenure, one of our top priorities has been hiring and training exceptional tutors and counselors for maximized student success. Our company was founded by and for educators, and our programs are offered throughout the greater Boston area and all across the country. In addition to our exceptional record of college and private-school matriculation, we utilize proprietary methods of tutoring and test-prep that are customized to every student for a truly beneficial Chyten experience.

We can’t wait to show you the Chyten difference. 

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