(The staff) is responsive, positive and flexible. The tutors are very well versed in their topic areas.

Mary S.

(The staff) has been very helpful. My son also likes his tutor and the college counselor.

Serena K.

The service offered is personal and extremely helpful.

Edward W.

My son feels very comfortable with his tutor. (His) two older brothers used Chyten, each had different tutors and felt the tutoring prepared them for the SATs.

Mary G.

Lots of scheduling flexibility. It was also very easy to get signed up and start sessions the same week. My child is very comfortable working with the tutor and understood the material he had been struggling with after one session.

Rena M.

Definitely improves the scores!

Helen C.

The personalized attention my daughter is receiving is helping to quickly fill in the gaps in the school curriculum. I am sure that her test scores will increase as a result of the 1:1 work with her tutor.

I liked the teaching methods. It was easy to understand and I felt that the teachings were beneficial to my learning.

Daniel D.

Customized and flexible plan.

(Chyten is) very accommodating and easy to work with. The parent portal is great for getting assessments of your student’s progress.

Maria K.

Great service and effective results.

(My son) came home from a session with you the other day and said that being with you was the first time in his life that he had really enjoyed learning.

Your program is amazing.

Mike got an 800 on the math!  Stanford is still a stretch, but MIT seems assured! I must say our experience with Chyten has been exceptional one.

It has great program and wonderful brilliant tutors.

J Wu, Wayland

We used Chyten when my son couldn’t write his college application essay.  The counselor there was just terrific.  She got him organized, helped him pick out a topic, kept him on track, and he ended up with a great essay that he was really happy with. She also helped him prepare for his college interviews. Knows a lot about the process, and had good advice about how to do his applications.

Chyten was very easy to work with and helped us get on track with preparing our daughter for a successful transition to college.

We have always been impressed by the fantastic service by everyone at Chyten. Congratulations on building such a fine company!

Ken and Elaine K

You guys were amazing and made it comfortable and extremely unintimidating. Wonderful experience.

Sandra C, Wellesley

I can’t say enough about this company. My child was treated with kindness and respect and has gained a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge because of our affiliation with Chyten. I would recommend them to anyone looking to give their child an edge academically.

Chyten Educational Services is the best agency around. Great prompt response to my emails, quality service. The tutor really helped my son as he was applying to colleges. I highly recommend to other parents.

Jerri K

Went for Chyten Educational Services tutoring and am extremely satisfied with the results. My tutor was very experienced and competent. He was especially good at understanding my errors and helping me correct them. My scores improved steadily throughout the tutoring and I exceeded my (high) target score on the actual test by 60 points. A+.

Fred M

The Johns Hopkins program wrote to say she qualified for High Honors, and would be invited to a special event in Baltimore to receive a certificate. Woohoo!

My daughter’s SAT score was phenomenal due to the personalized tutoring of your staff together with her hard work. The advice she received on test preparation and timing was was essential to her success.  We will certainly be sending our younger children to Chyten in a few years.

Thank you so very much!!!  Rachael went up over 200 points with a perfect score in her writing essay.  Your course not only had a great outcome, but she actually looked forward to the classes because she could appreciate the value.  She went into the SAT confident that she would do well. Our sincerest thank you for your support, guidance, counseling and most importantly your patience.

I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Dartmouth early decision!  I am very, very happy. I wanted to thank you for all your help over the past five or so years.

Linda C, Newton

Individual approach, experienced professionals, focused strategies.

I’ve never heard anything but very high praise and gratitude from both students and their parents.

Marilyn McGrath Lewis, Harvard University Director of Admissions

I am pleased to provide the strongest possible recommendation of Chyten Educational Services to any business or school system considering bringing in a private test preparation or tutoring provider.  For Westwood Public Schools, Chyten has proven itself to be a responsible company.

John Antonucci, Superintendent of Schools

Chyten was our fourth tutor. At some point with all of the three previous tutors, our daughter dreaded her next session. Chyten was very different. They matched our daughter with the right tutor. She was a calming influence. She was very supportive and a good confidence builder. Finally, she was very good at going over the right material to enable her to do well on the tests. Chyten got it done where three others had failed.

Alan C, Andover

The ACT vs. SAT diagnostic test was incredibly helpful in choosing which one is better for my daughter.

Betsy P

Chyten’s Tutors are absolutely outstanding and made a significant difference to both of our daughters’ SAT scores. Both of our daughters really appreciated working with them and the Chyten Center. Elizabeth is now a rising sophomore at Harvard. Emily just raised her writing and reading scores substantially (Reading was 780 out of 800, when she first tested at 630). We are so thrilled to be able to work with your center. Thank you so much for the help you’ve provided our daughters. It’s been transformative in their college admission.

Cynthia F, Newton

I’m impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the flexibility of hours. More importantly my son does not hesitate to go; nor does he hesitate to ask for additional hours when needed! I have already recommended Chyten to several families.

Ken D

His overall scores were enough to apply, and be admitted to, Phillips Andover, Phillips Exeter, and Milton Academy. I believe our decision to work with The Chyten Center was the right one.

You played a key role in strengthening Zachary’s language skills; he responded to your style and, without realizing it, learned much more than how to take the SATs. Whenever anyone we know is talking about the test, we recommend your program.

He got 11/12 in essay.  It would not have been possible without your training sessions.  I cannot thank you enough!…YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!

I knew her scores would improve, but never imagined that dramatic a change. It looks like she may be shooting for the Chyten poster child spot.

Thanks to Chyten’s instruction my scores granted me admittance to Harvard College. I highly recommend Chyten to all students. My younger sister is currently enrolled with Chyten’s SAT program and did an amazing job on her SAT exam!

Peyton C

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