The importance of communication

Reading and writing are critical skills in every subject, not just English class. Reading to understand meaning is vital to math, the sciences and more.

Likewise, writing with clarity and impact is a rare skill, and one that will help you succeed in high school, on college applications and beyond.

Chyten instructors include college professors, journalists and published authors who are experts in their field. Our team of masters in literature, effective writing, active reading, grammar and vocabulary help every student understand the power of written communication while earning high scores from teachers. Reach out today to find the right instructor for you.


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Wow, they are great! I took my reluctant son in for tutoring. Not only was he upset to go for tutoring; he was really upset when he found out I signed him up for three days a week. However, after the first session, he was talking all the way home about what he learned. I am sure you can relate. Most times when asked what they learned in school, my kids would reply, ‘Nothing.’ So to hear him tell me all the things he reviewed and learned in his tutoring session was simply amazing.