Another Great Week at Chyten!

It has been a great week at Chyten!  Every day, we keep getting reports from parents about their students being accepted into their top choice colleges, earning extraordinary grades in school and surpassing all expectation on their standardized tests.  Earlier this week, a parent stopped into to Chyten’s Lexington Education Center to let us know that her son, Ben, was accepted to both Harvard and Yale, and had chosen Harvard.  And, we have added several more students to our list of those earning perfect 800’s on SAT Reading, Writing and Math.

At Chyten, we never get tired of results like this!  We enjoy hearing from pleased parents every single day, because every Chyten student is like a member of our family.  We are so pleased that so many parents let us play a part in their children’s futures, and we continue to work hard every day to ensure that our students earn the highest test scores, the best grades and admission into America’s top colleges.