Changes Coming to The ACT

By now you know that the SAT is changing in 2016.  But did you also know that the ACT is changing?  The changes are slight, but meaningful.

They fall into two categories:

  • ACT Score Changes
  • ACT Content Changes

Here is a brief summary of the changes coming this year.

ACT score changes include:

  1. A STEM score based on students’ scores on the math and science sections;
  2. An English language score based on students’ scores on English, reading and writing;
  3. A “progress toward career readiness” score that will be based on students’ demonstrated knowledge in areas that could set them up for success in the work place;
  4. A “text complexity progress indicator” that will be based on all of the writing passages (not just in the reading section);
  5. New scores on the optional writing test (on which students currently receive an overall score) so they will receive separate additional scores on ideas and analysis, development and support, organization, and language use.

ACT Content Changes:

  1. Probability and statistics may see a very slight increase in the mathematics section.  The change will be one additional P/S question out of 60.
  2. Some of the reading comprehension questions will be based on comparing or drawing information from two separate passages.  In total we expect there to be three comparison questions out of a total of 40.