Chyten Prepares Students for the New PSAT

Are You Ready For the NEW PSAT?

The new redesigned SAT debuts in March, 2016.  And while this means that students in the class of 2017 have several viable options (ACT, SAT or New SAT) there are no options for this October’s PSAT test takers. All class of 2017 PSAT test takers will be introduced to the new PSAT, with completely new questions fully aligned with the New SAT.

The differences:  In the reading and writing tests scored together in one 200-800 scale, students will face four new question types.  They are best remembered by the acronym: VEGA:





New PSAT Math section (also scores on a 200-800 scale) wil be far more diverse and challenging than PSATs of the past.  It will feature a no-calculator section, student produced response (SPR) questions and a deep emphasis on algebra and data analysis.

For the past year, Chyten has been preparing its new books, tests and curriculum.  It created and administered the nation’s first ACT vs. New SAT Comparison Test.  Chyten’s New Book, Mastering the New SAT, will be available to Chyten students in May of 2015.  Perhaps most important for students in the class of 2017, new PSAT classes are available at Chyten starting in July, 2015.

According to company founder Neil Chyten,

“Our students will be far ahead of the curve when it comes to the new PSAT and SAT tests. We have already developed our strategies, our practice materials, and our class syllabi so everything is in place for students who want to be fully prepared to master this new, more challenging PSAT test.”

Students interested in learning more about how Chyten will prepare students for the new PSAT with its courses and private tutoring should contact their local Chyten center or call Chyten’s national headquarters at 800-428-TEST.