Founder Neil Chyten Responds to The New SAT

The New SAT: 2016

You have undoubtedly heard about changes to the SAT that will affect students graduating in the year 2017. Students currently in 9th grade and younger will be taking a brand-new, completely redesigned SAT. (Note: current 9th graders may have the option of taking the old or the new SAT). Chyten wants to assure you that while change can be unsettling, we are already underway developing programs that will allow students to perform at the highest levels on the new SAT. While our proprietary strategies will continue to provide Chyten students with a unique advantage over other test takers, we will also be featuring programs to strengthen core skills that will improve both SAT performance and GPA.  Chyten has long been known for developing programs that improve analytical skills in Reading, Writing and Math. Now these programs will feature prominently in our SAT test prep programs as well.

Last Major Change: March, 2005

Chyten has had experience with test format changes in the past. The last major change to the SAT occurred in 2005. Six months earlier, Chyten initiated an informational campaign called “The New SAT Goes Live in March 2005” and in 2006 helped more than 1000 students in the metro west area successfully navigate the new exam with remarkable results.

The ACT Alternative

You may also rest assured that Chyten is widely acknowledged as the industry leader in ACT preparation. The changing SAT means that, for many students, ACT will be a better, more attractive alternative. This may be especially true of international students. One of Chyten’s first priorities is to redesign our ACT vs. SAT Comparison Test to reflect changes to the SAT. That way, we will be able to continue to provide advice as to which test is best for each individual student.  If it is determined that ACT is the better test for your child, we will be able to offer several options including: classroom instruction; small group tutoring; and private tutoring.

Chyten’s Expertise

Chyten’s proprietary test preparation manuals have earned the highest praise from industry insiders and school officials alike. As we create our newest book, Mastering the New SAT, we will do so with the same quality and strategic vision that has allowed our student test-takers to perform at the highest levels since 1984.

Please continue to look for our informational newsletters as we keep you abreast of our progress and to provide you with information about free informational seminars, practice tests and free introductory lessons that are forthcoming.