Four New SAT Practice Tests

Chyten Premier Tutors and Test Preparation today announces that it has completed four authentic New SAT* model tests, with all new passages, questions, and answers. “These are precise replicas of real SAT tests, accurate down to the smallest detail,” says company founder and Chief Education Officer Neil Chyten. They are designed and written by Chyten’s Boston-based curriculum team led by Chyten himself. “Students taking these practice tests will feel like they are taking a real SAT test and the practice they get on our authentic questions will go a long way toward boosting their scores and confidence on the real SAT test.”

Each test includes the exact number and proportion of questions found on the actual SAT: 58 Math questions, 44 Writing and Language questions, 52 Reading questions, and the optional Analytical Essay. Each test has the precise look and feel of a real SAT. When added to Chyten’s extensive library of New SAT question banks and its highly acclaimed new book, Mastering the New SAT, Chyten students now have more than 2000 new SAT Reading, Writing and Language, and Math questions for practice. They also have exclusive license to use Chyten’s revolutionary methods and strategies, which have already been proven to elicit top results on the New SAT. Chyten says it will continue to develop new model SAT tests, question banks, and strategic solutions for use by its students.

*SAT is a registrated trademark of the College Board