How Do You Choose a Test Prep and Tutoring Company?

In years past, anyone could hang a shingle and start a business.  Nowadays, websites are the new shingles, and it seems that anyone can build a website and become the new best tutoring and test prep company on the block. So, with so many choices how can you possibly know whom to trust with your child’s tutoring, test preparation, and college admission needs? Perhaps a quick review of essential characteristics would help.

You need a company that:

  • Has extensive experience
  • Has a proven track record
  • Has a reputation for excellence
  • Creates all its own books, strategies, and curricula
  • Hires only experienced master’s degree instructors
  • Operates actual brick-and-mortar facilities
  • Features one-to-one tutoring in real private tutoring rooms
  • Has a classroom for group training, parent information nights, and practice tests
  • Gives back to the local communities in which it resides

Over the past 30 years, Chyten has given thousands of students the opportunity to reach farther and higher than they had ever expected. More than 1000 local Chyten students have earned perfect scores on the SAT, Subject Tests and ACT. Thousands more have earned admission into their first-choice colleges. More than 150 Harvard and MIT professors have sent their own children to Chyten. These are the facts.

Still, you have many choices. So Chyten continues to work harder than anyone else to earn and keep your trust.  For the sake of your child I ask you to consider Chyten for his or her educational needs, including tutoring, test preparation and college counseling. Chyten has been helping local families since 1984. Now, we hope to add your child to the Chyten family and let us help him or her achieve educational excellence tomorrow. Call us today at 800-428-8378. The sooner we start, the more we can help!