How Important is the SAT Essay to College Admissions Offices?

About Chyten and the SAT Essay:

Chyten has long been providing expert guidance on the SAT Essay, so much so that Chyten students are 30 times more likely to earn perfect SAT Essay scores than non-Chyten students.  In an article investigating this phenomenon, The Boston Globe stated: “Prepping high-scoring essays using Chyten’s method can be enough to boost scores to heart-thumping numbers” and went on to state that at Chyten centers, students “are taught test taking with results that seem to have taken the College Board by surprise.” But How important really is the SAT Essay?

How Much Does the SAT Essay Matter?

There was a time when colleges considered a student’s SAT Writing scores with the same reverence one might have toward The Farmer’s Almanac – a lot of information but with dubious predictive value. But a study of 120,897 students, concluded in September of 2012, has forced colleges to change their view.  According to the study entitled: “The SAT Essay and College Performance: Understanding What Essay Scores Add to HSGPA and SAT” the SAT essay has proven to be an extraordinarily accurate predictor of 1) first year college English GPA and 2) first year college overall GPA.  Since the SAT is designed to be a predictor of first year college performances and achievement, colleges are now looking more closely than ever before at the SAT Essay.

Further, in an earlier study conducted by The National Commission on Writing in America’s Schools and Colleges, 2003, “Students were found substantially lacking in college level writing ability.”

These studies, taken together, have led colleges down a path to consider the SAT Essay as an invaluable tool in helping them make critical admissions decisions.  According to the recent study’s conclusion:  “It would seem worthwhile to further explore this academic tool, particularly because students who take the SAT and apply to college are already providing this information to admission offices.”