New SAT Scores Artificially Higher Than Before

New SAT Scores are Artificially Higher Than Before

When SAT scores come back higher than before, it is usually cause to celebrate. However, you should know that the scoring scale has changed. For example, a 540 on the New SAT Math is equal to a 510 on the former SAT. Similarly, a 680 combined score on the new SAT Writing and Language section plus new SAT Reading Section is roughly the equivalent of a 630 on either the Reading or Writing section of the former SAT. This difference in scores between the old and new SATs is most pronounced in the middle of the scale. Near the 200 and 800 marks, the difference is much less significant or even non-existent. If you need help interpreting your score, please speak to one of Chyten’s expert advisors at 800-428-TEST.