PSAT has Passed – Now Plan for SAT and ACT Success

The PSAT has come and gone in this, the most important year for college admissions. So what comes next? Well, the wrong strategy is for you to wait until your PSAT scores have come back. When they do, you will have the opportunity to analyze them. However, in the meantime, you should be looking ahead and planning out your test dates, your practice test dates, and your test preparation schedule. Academic year 2014 2015 still has six SAT dates, five SAT Subject Test dates, and four ACT dates (after 10/25).

For most students, the best next step is to decide whether you will take the ACT or the SAT.  Chyten centers have a test that can help you determine which test best suits your ability and learning style.  This test can be taken in your local Chyten center.  If there is no Chyten center nearby or no test planned in the near future, will have an online version available by early November.

Once you decide which test is best, the next step is to set up a schedule.  This is something that Chyten centers do free of charge.  In general, Chyten believes that testing early and often is the best strategy. This is because most colleges allow you to send only your best scores and/or to superscore your tests, which means they take the best component result from each test and combine them into a single “superscore.”

Chyten education centers are located in 10 states. Please contact your local Chyten center for information on the services they can provide.  If there is no Chyten center nearby, please call us at 800-428-TEST to discuss your options.

Great Testing!