SAT and ACT Used by Employers to Screen Job Candidates

You may not know this, but colleges are not the only ones looking at your ACT and SAT scores!  Many top U.S. employers use SAT and ACT scores, as well as Grade Point Average (GPA), in the selection process for new job candidates.

The College Board, owner of the SAT brand, keeps SAT scores indefinitely and allows prospective employers to purchase the score reports of potential candidates.

According to the Wall Street Journal, examples of companies that use test scores and GPA to screen potential candidates include: Bain & Co., McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, Inc. and Cvent, Inc.  Of course, the practice of asking candidate to show SAT or ACT scores and grades is a widespread process used by thousands of companies across the U.S.

So, all the more reason to work as hard on raising your SAT or ACT scores as high as possible while also keeping up your grades as well!  For more information about how Chyten can help, please contact your local Chyten center today!