Selecting the Right Fit College is Crucial to College Success

College is not an endpoint, but rather a starting point in each student’s future. Therefore, identifying and gaining admission into the right college are crucial to success. With so much at stake, how does one go about determining which colleges truly are “best fits” for a particular student? All too often, college counselors and counseling services rely on a narrow set of data points upon which to make their recommendations. These include grades, tests scores, and region. Missing in these calculations, however, are the most important factors of all – those that are associated with learning style and personality.

Imagine the benefit to an introverted yet creative student with an interest in marketing of pursuing a degree from a small liberal arts college with a strong marketing program. Imagine the benefit to a socially extroverted math student with an aptitude for research of pursuing a degree in statistics from a large research-oriented university. In both cases, the students’ personality profiles fit the colleges they attend. Now, imagine the disastrous result that would occur if they switched places. The fact is that students are far more likely to be happy and successful if the “personality” of the college they attend matches their own.

To ensure that each student has the opportunity to find and attend the best fit college, Chyten Educational Services has developed a proprietary algorithm we call Personality Trait Assessment, or PTA. Through PTA, Chyten identifies colleges that truly are best fits for our students. Then, with our ten years of experience, we help students get admitted. What a difference this process can make in the life of your student.

For more information on Chyten’s College Admission Program, please contact Chyten’s Director of College and Private School Admission, Nick C, at 800-428-8378. It is never too early or late to start the college admission process.  Please call today.