Summer Learning Opportunities

In 2011, Rand Learning, a nonprofit organization published a study on Summer Learning called: “Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children’s Learning.”

Six Key Findings about Summer Learning Opportunities

  1. Summer learning loss is cumulative.  It is likely that efforts to mitigate learning loss over the school year will be unsuccessful.
  2. Students who attend summer programs have better outcomes than similar peers who do not attend these programs.
  3. Programs that encourage reading have positive effects on student achievement that last for at least two years after the engagement in the summer learning program.
  4. Factors that can positively impact summer learning success are related to program quality. In particular, individualized instruction, parental involvement, and small class sizes are key factors.
  5. Having engaging enrichment activities can increase the likelihood of adoption and thus positively impact the effectiveness of summer learning programs.
  6. Many school districts, faced with hard choices brought on by budget cuts and questioning the cost-effectiveness of summer learning programs, have stopped funding summer programs.

So what is the answer to this apparent conundrum? In some cases, public education has turned to private education service providers such as Chyten Educational Services to make up the difference. To meet the need, Chyten has been developing a series of experiential learning programs that encourage engagement group-oriented activities.

This summer, in select markets across America, Chyten will feature as many as nine new summer learning programs developed at its Newton, MA. location.

Specific offerings will vary by center and may include:

  • Imagination Authors
    A group-oriented creative reading and writing skills program in which students work together to write, illustrate and publish their own class book
  • Shark Tank, Jr.
    A multifaceted entrepreneurial skills, writing, and presentation skills program.
  • Discover My World
    A geography and social studies program that features the use of Google Earth to locate and learn about world cultures.
  • Kids Career Week
    An engaging experiential life-skills discovery and critical thinking program.
  • Drama Dictionary
    A vocabulary-building program that focuses on etymology in which student create their own vocabulary websites complete with videos.
  • The Muckrakers
    A journalistic writing program in which students play the roles of reporters, writers and editors. As a group, they will create their own class newspaper and e-newspaper.
    Chyten’s reading and study skills program that focuses on improving critical learning and reading skills inside and outside of the classroom.

For more information about attending a Chyten program over the summer, or about hosting a Chyten program at your school, camp, or organization, please call Chyten’s corporate headquarters at 800-428-TEST.