The ACT is Changing in Three Ways

I. Changes to the Scoring:

The ACT has recently changed the way scores are reported. The 36-point scale will remain intact, but students who take the test will also receive two-three new subscores.

One sub-score is a college and career “readiness indicator” that will reflect how well students comprehend complex text.

Another sub-score rates each student’s STEM performance based on math and science questions from across all test sections.

Finally, students who opt in to the writing portion will receive a sub-score that combines the English, Reading, and Writing portions.

2. Changes to the Essay:

The Essay is still optional, but it is now 40 minutes long and and is analytical in naure. Students are required to evaluate three perspective on an issue before offering their own.

3. Changes to the Reading Section:

One of the ACT’s reading passages will be replaced with a pair of related passages.  Three or four of the 10 questions relating to the paired passages will be comparative in nature, while the remaining questions will pertain to one passage or the other.

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