What It Takes To Master The New SAT Reading Test

There is more to success on the New SAT Reading Test than merely time management. Solid fundamental reading skills are helpful, of course. If you can read a passage straight through and remember every word and the position of every fact, then perhaps you will not require too many strategies to help you with reading skills. We do find, however, that there are very few students who could not benefit from skills that improve comprehension and retention.

And test-takers of every level can most certainly benefit from a deep dive into the SAT’s secrets. To know a test’s purpose, to understand it from the perspective of the design team, to understand the motivation behind it, give a test taker a huge advantage. Whether you consider SAT Reading a fun challenge or an unimaginable burden makes little difference. You have to know it. Learn it. Study it. Respect it.

Having both effective strategies and appropriate skills is hugely important. You must learn to recognize the various question types and be able to answer them correctly. You must know how to identify and eliminate incorrect answer choices. Indeed, these are not simple tasks, but they are within your grasp. Fortunately, we have a plan for you to follow. It is called the Zigzag Method. Follow the steps of the Zigzag Method precisely and methodically. They will guide you through the 65-minute section as a tour guide would guide you through a foreign city.

Follow these steps and you will find your task much easier and your score growing ever larger. Your hard work will have paid off, and both you and those around you will marvel at your test-taking magnificence. Here’s the inside scoop: The SAT follows a pattern that can be anticipated and predicted. The Zigzag Method is built with this in mind. Learn its steps, its techniques, its secrets. All you have to do is absorb them, practice them, learn from your mistakes, then follow the same steps on the day of your test. This is “What it Takes.”