Which is Hardest: SAT, New SAT or ACT Writing and English Sections

The New SAT Writing and Language Test has passages drawn from science, history/social studies, humanities and careers. However, this fact has no effect on the difficulty of the section.  The difference between the New SAT and the Current SAT is that the new test has more questions related to content.

Here is a list of those question types:

A. Passage Development

  • Identify Central Ideas and Topic Sentences
  • Identify Supporting Details, Facts, and Statistics
  • Identify Relevance to Topic and Purpose
  • Compare Data from Graphs, Charts, and Tables to Information Presented in Text

B. Passage Organization

  • Identify Logical Order of Sentences and Paragraph
  • Identify Proper Beginnings, Endings, Transition Words, and  Connections

C. Effective Language Use

  • Identify Precision of Word Choice
  • Identify Wordiness and Redundancy
  • Identify Consistency of Style and Tone
  • Identify Proper Sentence Structure

Students will definitely find these questions to be harder than old SAT questions. However, this may be offset by the fact that there are four answer choices instead of five.  And as with the current ACT and SAT, all correct answers are always right there an inch below the questions, so if one can learn the 100 or so grammatical issues while also being able to “hear” the difference between correct grammar and incorrect grammar, one should have little problem getting a great score.

A Few Tips: from Chyten

  • Know the difference between who’s (who is) and whose (possessive),   it’s (it is)  and its (possessive).
  • Always make sure the pronoun agrees with its antecedent.
  • A semicolon is used to connect two independent clauses.

English/Writing Difficulty Scorecard Writing/English

  • Current SAT – Easiest
  • New SAT – Harder
  • ACT – Harder

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