Chyten’s SAT/ACT Decision Plan… Save 15% in August!


Trying to decide between taking the SAT or the ACT?  Start by learning which test affords you the greatest chance of success.  Chyten’s SAT/ACT Decision Plan features the industry’s most robust SAT/ACT comparison test.  We’ll provide students with a thoughtful review of their diagnostic results through a detailed item-analysis feedback report.  After which, we will coordinate a strategic tutoring plan through one of our Master tutors.

Here are the details:

  •  1 SAT vs. SAT Diagnostic Assessment
  • 1:1 Review of Item-Analysis Score Report
  • 20 Hours of Elite Tutoring
  • 7 Proctored  Official SAT Exams with Detailed Item Analysis Feedback Reports
  • Chyten’s Mastering the SAT or Mastering the ACT textbooks and supplements

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