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Whether you agree with it out not, test preparation has become an important part of the College Admissions Process.  In fact, one’s SAT or ACT scores plus one’s GPA are the only quantifiable pieces of the student application.  Moreover, 75% of all institutions still derive their preliminary applicant Index Score from those two elements.

In short, GPA and Standardized Test Scores are still critical for student success.  For this reason it made sense to us to bundle tutoring, test prep, and college admissions guidance.  They occur contemporaneously in life so why not prepare in that same manner?

These combined programs typically involve a team of specialists with specific expertise in one or more components of the test prep and admissions experience.

With over 30 years of experience Chyten has a well-tenured and professional group of private tutors to assist with your student’s educational journey.   View Faculty.

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