Getting the best SAT or ACT test scores begins with a private Chyten tutor in Maynard, MA. We have everything it takes help you maximize your test results.

Chyten, headquartered in Newton, MA, was founded in 1984. Our offices feature state-of-the-art technology in every tutoring space and classrooms for group instruction. Our other locations are in Andover, Lexington and Wellesley, MA, and Syosset, NY, where we have helped thousands of students improve their ACT, SAT, AP, and SAT Subject Test scores, as well as their skills in individual academic subjects.

Private SAT / ACT Tutor Maynard, MAChyten students work with highly-trained tutors who are compassionate, skilled, and trained to improve students’ test scores through superior test preparation.  They are not only experts in their field, with a Master’s degree or higher, but also skilled at connecting with students, understanding their individual needs and learning styles, and providing a customized approach.

What Makes the SAT Unique?

  • The SAT is slightly longer than the ACT
  • The SAT allots more time per question than the ACT
  • The SAT does not have a separate Science section
  • One of two SAT Math sections prohibits the use of a calculator
  • Math will account for half of your total score on the SAT
  • The SAT has an optional Essay

Chyten recommends 24 to 36 hours of private tutoring for comprehensive SAT prep, which includes prep for the optional SAT Essay.

What Makes the ACT Unique?

  • The ACT allows less time per question than the SAT
  • The ACT requires more reading
  • The ACT includes a Science section
  • Math will account for one-fourth of your total score on the ACT
  • ACT questions are more straightforward than the SAT
  • The ACT has an optional Writing Test

Chyten recommends 24 to 36 hours of private tutoring for comprehensive ACT prep, which includes prep for the optional ACT Writing Test.

How to Study for the SAT and ACT

Preparation is the key to success, and practice tests are a valuable part of any study program. Taking SAT practice tests and ACT practice tests under real conditions and having your results reviewed by a Chyten expert is a great way to see where to focus your tutoring.

Realistic practice tests help you understand what will be tested, get familiar with the structure and types of questions in each section, and learn how to best approach them. You will also be able to identify and fix your weaknesses in order to improve your score on the actual exam.

Chyten has built a comprehensive and multifaceted curriculum that works in concert with the College Board’s and SAT / ACT official resources and practice exams so that our students are completely prepared for whatever testing challenges lay ahead.

If your student in Maynard, MA needs help with his or her college admissions tests, consider hiring a Chyten private SAT / ACT tutor. Get in touch with us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to explore our current offers and pricing.

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