When you choose Chyten in Newton, MA to help prepare you for the SAT Subject Test, you can be confident you are investing in superior academic tutoring. We can help you get the scores you need.

SAT Subject Test Prep Newton, MASince 1984, Chyten has helped thousands of students improve their SAT Test and SAT Subject Test scores. More than 1,000 of them have achieved perfect scores, and at least 2,000 Chyten students have been accepted to Ivy League schools.

Tutoring and SAT Subject Test prep courses are the single most efficient way to boost your confidence and improve your test scores. Even students who excel in their high school classes can be intimidated on test day, and devoting time to learning the material ahead of time that will be tested on the SAT Subject Tests is the most important step you can take to boost your confidence.

Chyten instructors are equipped to tutor students in all subjects and include Ph.D. and master’s degree recipients in fields such as mathematics, engineering, physics, molecular biology, cultural and world history, and the English language.

What are SAT Subject Tests?

The SAT is designed to assess your reasoning skills and readiness for college. SAT Subject Tests test your knowledge in specific subject areas. There are 20 subjects, and students may choose the subject(s) in which they excel to best demonstrate their command of the subjects.

All SAT Subject Tests are multiple choice and 60 minutes long. They cover five categories: English Literature, Mathematics, History (U.S. and World), Science (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), and nine languages, some of which feature listening and non-listening options.

Chyten SAT Subject Test Prep is offered for all five categories and 20 subjects and includes one-on-one private tutoring with a Master’s level Chyten tutor. We recommend 8 to 12 hours of tutoring per subject.

SAT Subject Test Tips & Strategies

  • There is a small penalty for wrong answers, but do not leave any questions blank. You only need to get one out of every five answers right to break even. Even random guessing gives you those odds, so best-guess is better than no-guess.
  • Take Subject Tests for single-year subjects (Biology, U.S. History) in May or June. Take more general tests (Math, Literature) earlier in the year, and repeat if necessary.
  • Always take three tests in a single sitting. By taking them in groups of three, you will maximize your chances of earning the highest possible scores.
  • Be strategic about your test-taking. If you usually perform better early in the morning, take your most challenging test first.
  • Be sure to find out how many Subject Tests the college of your choice wants and whether it requires or recommends specific subjects. Many provide guidelines that outline their requirements and suggestions.

Take advantage of SAT Subject Test prep in Newton, MA to help you demonstrate your strength in a given area and set yourself apart from your competition. Contact us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to explore our current offers and pricing.

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