Anna Levitan
Anna Levitan

Whether you are looking to improve your child’s academic performance or boost your child’s SAT or ACT score, you’ve come to the right place – Chyten of Long Island!

I am a parent of three, a resident of this community, and the owner and director of Chyten of Long Island located in Syosset. I understand first-hand the value Long Island parents place on education and its impact on their children’s future. Our children attend the most competitive schools in the country, and the pressure doesn’t seem to subside. The “race to the top” reaches a point when the child is exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed only to learn that he/she hasn’t reached the top. The frustration transmits to the parent who is now desperate to find a solution.

At Chyten, we ARE that solution. Our goal is your child’s academic success. We are proud to be the only learning center offering quality ONE-ON-ONE tutoring. We only hire Master’s Degree Tutors with teaching experience. We create a customized tutoring program to meet the unique needs of your child. We use our proprietary curriculum and apply strategies that have been proven to yield real measurable results.

My mission is to provide the best possible educational services for the community. These services will improve your child’s confidence level and increase his/her grades and test scores. It is only when a child has displayed his/her potential to colleges, that I can say I have accomplished my mission.

My door is always open to parents and students so please stop by our center or call me at (516) 677-9595 to discuss your child’s unique educational needs together.

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