Meet the Man Behind the Camera Caleb Uhl

Caleb Uhl joined the Chyten team as a video production associate in June of 2018. Born and raised in Yarmouth, Maine, Caleb is one of two children. Caleb and his younger brother, Lucas, who is currently attending Syracuse, enjoyed growing up in Maine but both have moved out of state. Both of Caleb’s parents still currently reside in  Yarmouth, Maine.

Caleb graduated from Yarmouth High School and continued his education at the University of Michigan. While attending the University of Michigan, Caleb studied Film and Television, Video Production and Media Studies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Screen Arts and Culture.

When reminiscing about his educational career, Caleb noted one teacher in particular that really made an impact on his life. His High School AP United States History teacher, Marc Halsted, who also happened to be his baseball coach. Caleb recalled, “Marc always took extra time to relate to the students in his class. He took it upon himself to shape the boys in his class into respectful, responsible men”. Caleb has certainly proved Marc’s tactics to be successful.

In his spare time, Caleb enjoys being active outdoors. He loves hiking, skiing, and camping. Caleb is also a die-hard Boston sports fan. Go Patriots! His one guilty pleasure is sitting back and relaxing by watching Competitive Cooking television shows.

While working at Chyten Caleb enjoys adding his creative spin on social media campaigns and growing the social following for the company. His goal is to create educational content that excites and informs the viewer.  He loves his work because he enjoys the people he works with and making a difference in the lives of the students that come to Chyten.