A New Way to Approach the College Admission Process

Chyten-Endeavor Junior Year Programs

By Neil Khaund, Chyten CEO

As a company with over thirty years of experience in the tutoring and test prep industry, we’ve had an opportunity to engage students in more ways than we can count. We’ve spent years working with dedicated students, invested parents, and expert tutors to figure out what methodologies work best for every learning style and personality.

While our focus has long been centered on comprehensive test prep, we’ve always taken more of a big-picture approach, maintaining a vested interest in the unique ways we’re able to reach students not only academically, but on an intrapersonal level as well.

Student success is more than high test scores and great grades. It’s also about how we help empower students through their educational journey to figure out the best ways they learn, the subjects that interest them, and how these areas intersect with choices like where they’ll go to college and what kind of career they might pursue.

This year, we’re thrilled to launch a new program: Endeavor Test Prep + College Counseling. This innovative, highly customizable program combines our thirty years of experience in test preparation and college counseling to help students develop a personal academic blueprint for college acceptance.

Our program starts with goal development using three online assessment tools: our ACT vs SAT Comparison Test, the YouScience Aptitude Exam, and a College Application Checklist. These assessments help students identify their standardized test-taking strengths and learning style to determine if they’re better suited to prepare for the SAT or the ACT, highlights a student’s aptitude and interest in specific fields of study, and identifies any areas of weakness in need of remediation in advance of a student’s senior-year college applications.

After these pre-assessments are completed, students sit down for a one-on-one session with one of our expert college counselors. Together, the student and their Chyten counselor will review the assessments and develop a personalized blueprint that will guide them through the rest of their college admission journey.

Armed with a clear plan, students will begin preparing for their chosen college-entrance exam, the SAT or the ACT, with Chyten’s master-level faculty. In Core Endeavor, high-school juniors will receive 12 hours of private tutoring to prepare for the spring SAT or ACT exam, using the summer exam as a fallback option. In Superscore Endeavor, high-school juniors will receive 24 hours of private tutoring to prepare for both winter and spring exam dates.

Once test prep is complete, students will choose from one of three college-readiness bootcamp sessions to attend the summer before their senior year: Early Decision Mastery, Common Application Mastery (application required), or Communication 101: Interview Skills & Effective Wording for the College Essay.

Toward the end of the summer, students and their parents will meet again with a Chyten counselor to go over a 12-page progress report and evaluation. In this meeting, students will examine their readiness pertaining to 11 key areas of the college application process. They’ll also receive a checklist identifying any remaining application items to complete during their senior year.

With our new Endeavor program, our goal is to help each student prepare to take the SAT or ACT, identify their college path and application plans, and enter their senior year of high school with a clear plan of action in order to make them competitive applicants for their reach schools and scholarship opportunities.

Applying to college is a process that becomes more competitive every year, but students don’t have to do it alone. Focused, high-quality test prep is just one key piece of the puzzle, and we can’t wait to see what Chyten students do when they’re empowered with information, resources, and guidance to face the college admission process head on.

Chyten’s College Endeavor Program is demystifying the college process for high-school juniors through a 5-step program that helps students establish a personalized college admission blueprint. Want to learn more? Email or call Academic Director Vicki Jones at (617) 487-4401.