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Private schools want the highest-quality students they can find, and there are only so many metrics available by which to measure. While interviews and essays are important, the discussion begins—or ends—with test scores and grades. The higher your grade point average, the higher your likelihood of acceptance.

The same is true of your standardized test scores. Most schools tell you which exam they prefer. In other cases, you’ll be given the choice of taking the ISEE or the SSAT. Choosing the right exam requires a deep understanding of what is tested and how the questions are presented. Chyten can help you with this important decision.

The ISEE is offered eight times per year. Students can take the ISEE once during each of three testing windows: fall (August–November), winter (December–March), and spring/summer (April–July)—up to three times in a 12-month admission cycle. The ISEE can also be taken in a private setting once every six months. This private testing is referred to as a Flex Test. Chyten does not offer the Flex Test, but we can find you a suitable Flex Test center.

Since you can choose which scores are sent to prospective schools, taking the test more than one time is a no-lose strategy. Chyten recommends taking the test in July, November, and December during the year in which you will be applying to private school.

Personalized ISEE instruction at Chyten is centered around Chyten’s proprietary manual, Mastering the ISEE/SSAT, which contains nearly 100 of Chyten’s time-proven strategies, hundreds of practice questions and 300 pages of ISEE and SSAT information. Typically, Chyten recommends 24–36 hours of private tutoring for comprehensive ISEE SSAT prep, including the essay.

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