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SAT Subject Tests are just one more way for you to stand out from all the other candidates vying for admission to your dream college. Fewer and fewer colleges require SAT Subject Tests. In cases where the Subject Tests are “recommended” but not required, think of them as extra credit assignments; they may not be “required,” but can definitely help demonstrate your passion for and strength in a given area. With fewer students taking the Subject Tests, there is greater opportunity for you to set yourself apart. Having more positive data points gives you an additional advantage over your competition.

SAT Subject Tests are offered on the same dates as SATs, except for in March when only the SAT itself is offered. You may not take the SAT and Subject Tests on the same day; however you may take up to three Subject Tests in a single testing day. It is extremely advantageous to plan ahead so you can retake tests if possible. By taking the tests in groups of three, you can maximize your opportunity to earn the highest possible scores. And since you control which individual scores are sent to colleges, taking multiple Subject Tests on multiple dates is a highly advantageous strategy.

SAT Subject Test tips

  1. Though there is a small penalty for wrong answers, do not leave any questions blank. you only need to get one out of every five answers right to break even. Since even random guessing gives you those odds, best-guess is better than no-guess.
  2. Take subject tests for single-year subjects (Biology, U.S. History) in May or June. Take more general tests (Math, Literature) earlier in the year, and repeat if necessary.
  3. Always take three tests in a single sitting. Each is only an hour; taking more tests gives you the best possible chance of getting your highest scores.
  4. Order your tests strategically on testing day. If you are usually better early in the morning, take your most challenging test first.
  5. Know which tests your target schools want you to take. Many will provide guidelines outlining their requirements and suggestions.

SAT Subject Test prep at Chyten

Chyten’s team of subject matter experts can help you create a strategic testing plan to coordinate all of your chosen Subject Tests.  We recommend 8-12 hours of tutoring per subject for maximum efficacy.

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