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Great SAT scores don’t just come from how much math you know or how good a writer you are. They come from understanding the test and exactly what data points it’s designed to measure.

To succeed on the SAT, preparation is key. Chyten’s SAT prep curriculum includes strategies and tips refined from over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience.  

At Chyten, you may prepare for one or more parts of the test, or for the whole test. Unlike other tutors or companies, Chyten employs strategic methods for understanding and solving problems. Thus, instruction at Chyten is inherently different from instruction that merely offers online portals, such as Khan Academy.


  • 20-30 hours of instruction, plus actual conditions practice tests
  • Summer boot camps available


  • One-on-one targeted instruction
  • Regular practice to record improvement
  • 24-36 hours recommended

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My experience with these people was just wonderful. They tutored my son for the SAT. Before tutoring, he was embarrassed by his scores; after Chyten, he improved 310 points! I was a little hesitant to sign him up at first, since they are a little more expensive than some of the others. But you get what you pay for. Their tutors are simply the best, and I do not regret my decision one bit. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help on the SAT.