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Marvin Vilma

Marvin is an educator who constantly seeks to empower students to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. Marvin attended the Trinity School in New York City and graduated from Colgate University where he studied Sociology and French. He moved to Boston to pursue a career in education, beginning as a faculty member at Noble and Greenough School. Marvin then transitioned to college admissions at Babson College with a focus on multicultural recruitment. It was an unique opportunity to support and advise students from around the country. Marvin continued to mentor high school students at MIT Sloan by developing curriculum and leadership training for an expanding entrepreneurship program, formerly known as MIT Launch. He continues to give back to the community by raising awareness around financing a college education in underserved communities in Lynn and Chelsea. Marvin is continually committed to creating meaningful learning experiences for students and advocating for their needs.

In his spare time, Marvin enjoys experimenting with new recipes, teaching design thinking to middle school kids and working on new startups.


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